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Use ChatGPT to Write a Letter to Your Congressman (or to anyone)

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Use ChatGPT to quickly draft letters.

This week I met with someone that worked in Legislative Affairs. It came up that letter writing is a frequent task for her.

I pulled out my phone, outlined a template, and she created the following.

Here is the prompt template:

Write a letter to my [your state] congressmen to address [an issue].

Here is her example:

Write a letter to my Texas congressmen to address school shootings.

Here is the output:

Dear [Congressman/Congresswoman],

I am writing to you today to express my deep concern about the issue of school shootings in our state. As a concerned citizen and parent, I believe that this issue requires immediate attention and action from our elected representatives.

The recent tragedies in our state and across the country have left many families and communities devastated, and it is unacceptable that our children and educators do not feel safe in their own schools. We cannot afford to wait any longer to address this issue.

I urge you to take a strong stance on this matter and support legislation that will ensure the safety of our children and educators. This may include measures such as strengthening background checks for gun purchases, increasing mental health resources and support in schools, and implementing stricter gun control laws.

Additionally, we must ensure that our schools are equipped with the necessary resources and training to prevent and respond to potential threats. This may include investing in school security measures such as metal detectors, security cameras, and active shooter response training for teachers and staff.

It is essential that our elected representatives work together to find solutions that will protect our children and educators while upholding the rights of responsible gun owners. We must prioritize the safety of our communities and take action to prevent future tragedies.

I urge you to take action on this critical issue and work towards creating a safer future for our children and communities. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Here are some other letter writing prompts:

Write a [adverb] letter to [specific person] [about something].

Here are some examples:

Write a light-hearted letter to my wife telling her I love her.
Write a short letter to my neighbor Joe thanking him for helping me mow the lawn.
Write a light-hearted letter to my wife telling her I love her, keep it to fewer than 50 words.

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