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AI Voices - People I Follow (as of DEC 2023)

I am often asked what AI News I follow.

As of DEC 2023, here is a list.


Highlights emerging tools, trends, and is generally not too technical.

His channel provides insights as to how fast the market is moving, news, and technologies that will be maturing.

Provides philosophical viewpoints informed by reviews of research papers and testing.

He tries to push the limits of AI so we know the boundaries of what is possible today.

His perspectives challenge traditional thinking.

Builds usable solutions to impressive use cases. He is highly technical and provides code tutorials.

His channel shows the art of the possible.


They post a lot on AI trends and quick tips.

You have to filter the buzz, but I usually pick up one gem per week.

Partner at Sequoia Capital. AI Engineer & Investor.


Publishes short papers on the state of AI.

I post inflection-point content that filters the buzz or content that is immediately applicable to a business.

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